Destination (D) Series

Destination (Service) Signs are generally used on highways where services such as gas, food and lodging are infrequent. They are also helpful on city streets to mark availability in the area of hospitals, EMS services, bike routes, etc.

On January 22, 2015, all Destination Signs must meet new retroreflectivity requirements as stated in the MUTCD (Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices).  We at Luther Sign Co. have begun making all our Destination Signs to meet this requirement by using 3M High Intensity Prismatic reflective sheeting.  In our "PARKING LOT" section, you will have an option on selected signs for Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting designed for commercial and non-critical signing applications.

In 2009, we began dating the backs of our Destination Signs to help our governmental customers comply with the new federal requirements.