Corner Bolts

Corner Bolts are used when a square post is used with a sleeve that has been driven into the ground and the upright square post is then lower into the sleeve, then a corner bolt with nut is used to secure the upright post from being removed.  You can also use corner bolts to attach your signs to a square post.
Our Corner Bolts have two 45 degree bends rather than a 90 degree radius.  Easier to pass through a square post.
Should you have a need to vandal proof your square post try using our Tamper Proof Nuts.
Mild Steel Zinc Plated
Each or standard package of 100 (comes with nuts)
We Offer Three Sizes:
         2" Fits up to a 2" square post
   2-1/2" Fits up to a 2-1/2" square post
          3" Fits up to a 3" square post

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